Robert Capa and Gerda Taro exhibition in Turin: photography, love, war

When: from 12 February to 2 June 2024

Where: CAMERA – Italian Centre for Photography of Turin, via delle Rosine 18, Turin

In the spaces of CAMERA, the centre for photography in Turin, the new year opens with an exciting exhibition: Robert Capa and Gerda Taro: photography, love, war. A not-to-be-missed exhibition that, through 120 shots, immerses us in one of the crucial moments in the history of 20th century photography: the professional and emotional relationship between two iconic figures, Robert Capa and Gerda Taro tragically interrupted by her death in Spain in a car accident linked to the civil war in 1937.

Gerda Taro, fotoreporter di guerra

On the run from Nazi Germany, the two artists met in Paris, where they fell in love and formed an association that led them to frequent the cafés of the Latin Quarter and to become involved in photography and political struggle.

In the Ville Lumière, at the time a crossroads of intellectuals and artists, finding work as a photographer was, however, difficult. For this reason, Gerda invented the character of Robert Capa, a rich and famous American photographer, the alter ego of André Friedmann (Capa’s real name) who would accompany him throughout his life. She also assumed a new name, becoming Gerda Taro from Gerta Pohorylle.

1936 marked a turning point: the two travelled to Spain to document the ongoing civil war between republicans and fascists. Here, Capa took the iconic shot of the Miliciano shot dead, while Gerda captured his most representative image: a militiawoman in training, with pistol at gunpoint and shoes with heels, offering an unprecedented perspective of the war as experienced and represented by women.

An emotionally rich exhibition that takes us on a journey of discovery of not only two great photographers, but also two passionate lovers and witnesses of a crucial historical period. An unmissable opportunity to immerse oneself in history, art and love.

Robert Capa and Gerda Taro in Turin: photography, love, war
12 February 2024 – 2 June 2024
Hours: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Thursday until 9 p.m.

CAMERA – Italian Centre for Photography
Via delle Rosine, 18 – Turin

Biglietto intero 12 €

Online ticketing

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