Six years after the exhibition “Rubaldo Merello and the Attraction of Landscape between Divisionism and Symbolism,” the Nervi Gallery of Modern Art in Genoa is hosting a new exhibition dedicated to the famous Ligurian painter.
The exhibition, curated by Anna Orlando, aims to offer a new reading of Merello’s work, highlighting two fundamental aspects of his artistic career:

The predilection for non-anthropized nature, which the painter projected his own emotional and psychological tensions.
The fantastic dimension that animates his mythological and allegorical depictions.
In the former sphere, Merello, starting from the Divisionist lesson, moved toward a quest that approached postimpressionist painting and the aesthetic anxieties of Fauve culture.
In the field of drawing, however, Merello approached Symbolism and the modern movement. A friend of the writer Sem Benelli, for whom he executed the illustrations for the poem “The Marriage of the Centaurs,” Merello expressed his aesthetic and spiritual tension through a nervous graphic language and a vigorous plastic empitus.
The exhibition features more than 150 works, from the collections of the Genoa Gallery of Modern Art, the Wolfsoniana and private collections.
An opportunity to learn more about the work of an artist who helped define the physiognomy of twentieth-century Ligurian painting.