The Aquarium of Genoa is located in the Porto Antico area, the heart of the port area of the Ligurian city, the one where, historically, all the city’s maritime traffic passed through before the birth of the modern port.
The best way to get there by car is to use the causeway and exit at the corresponding exit (if you are coming from Genoa West).
If, on the other hand, you are coming from the east you will have to cross part of the city before arriving.
But once in the Aquarium area where to park?
If you have arrived as far as the Old Port, the choice is simple: one of the many parking areas in the area, which provides parking options in several uncovered parking lots: Calata Gadda, 203 spaces during the week that become 260 on weekends, Porta Siberia with 80 spaces or Cannoniere area with 43 stalls.


A cheaper alternative to the Old Port is the underground parking lot in the Marina Park area not far away.

The underground parking lot in Piazza Carignano (cheaper), the one in the Piccapietra area (behind Piazza De Ferrari) those along Corso Podestà, Via Corsica and various cross streets are an alternative to parking in the Porto Antico area. In the case of on-street parking, payment is in advance and the EasyPark app can also be used. Distances to the Aquarium are at most a ten-minute walk.

Where to park for the Acquario di Genova: free parking spaces

The bill for parking in the centre of Genoa can be very high, but unfortunately there are no free alternatives, unless you are willing to move a bit away from the centre: if you are planning to spend the whole day in the city, perhaps the idea of saving a few tens of euros in parking might seem tempting to you. The advice is to park along some of the streets leading from the centre to the hillside neighbourhoods: in a few minutes’ walk you can get off at the nearest metro station (which is free for most of the day) and in a few minutes gain access to the Aquarium without having to spend a lot of money to leave your car.But what are the recommended streets? From the piazza di Negro area, go up via Venezia and after a few hundred metres turn towards piazza Raffaele Sopranis and via Alizeri: here there are a good number of free parking spaces available. And the Di Negro metro station is really close by!