03.03.09 Vase


Vase of futuristic inspiration, inspired by the movement of which the Mazzotti kiln was an artistic workshop during the 1930s. Design by the master Tullio Mazzotti.
The design of this work dates back to 2009, the year in which the centenary of the first Futurist movement was celebrated, when Tullio Mazzotti wanted to pay tribute to the event.
The vase is entirely handmade, a unique and precious work.
Dimensions: diameter 20 cm, height 34 cm.
Delivery times may vary from 15 to 40 days, depending on the presence of the item in stock or the need to make it.
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Every single piece is edited by the master Tullio Mazzotti, fourth generation of Mazzotti.
All the ceramics are the result of a rigorous selection: all phases of its processing that takes place with a completely manual working process with brush tip and firing decoration.
The decoration takes place manually with a brush tip on a special orange peel glaze called MATT, which even today Giuseppe Mazzotti 1903 produces exclusively with its own special recipe.
For this reason we are sure that each piece is unique and remains unrepeatable, a precious collector’s item.
Trademark of the Giuseppe Mazzotti 1903 manufacture, made up of the stylization of an old wood-fired furnace surrounded by the letters G. M. A. and dated 1903, guarantees the high quality of this ceramic.

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